NEW games in development

‘Smash Monster Rampage!’ is a table top action board game for two players. The game was designed in 2010 and has since been expanded by ‘Crush Monster Rampage!’.

Both games are FREE and available to download from this site.


This site is the new home of the epic ‘print and play’ board game, ‘Smash Monster Rampage!’ and the expansion, ‘Crush Monster Rampage!’.

The site will also preview new games from ‘Smash’ designer, Mike Swindall.

Some of the content here was previously accessible via - this site has now replaced that onee

Two games currently in development. ‘Are You An Alien?’ is a tactical card game for two players and ‘Viewfinder Cornwall’ is a light strategy board game where players tour Cornwall taking photos at the counties many attractions.

‘PRINT and PLAY’ means just that, PRINT out the downloaded files, assemble the pieces then PLAY the game! ‘Are you an Alien?’ will soon be available on this site as a ‘print and play’ game. ‘Viewfinder Cornwall’ is a more ambitious project destined for a commercial release. Please feel free to get in touch, email;