The earth is being invaded by ALiENS!
Not in a ‘Zap! Bang! Crash!’ way, but slowly and silently…
Unknown to most they are secretly replacing us with exact copies of the people we know.


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Fortunately, it has become apparent that the copies take time to fully assimilate our thoughts and memories.
Following extensive background research and testimonies from family, friends and acquaintances the authorities have compiled a set of questions with verified responses designed to expose the galactic imposters.

Mr Doombar, Mrs Mayhem, Lord Uppercrust, Professor Banana, Lady Toff, Mrs Ditch,  Doctor Butt, Harry, Otto, Norma and many others are all under suspicion.

Everyone will be asked one critical question - failure to respond with the established answer will reveal the ALiEN within!

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Everybody loves 'Are You An ALiEN?'

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Storage box for cards, instructions and reference sheet

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‘Are You An Alien?’ is a card game for 2-6 players.
The deck is made up of 180 cards. On each turn players have a simple choice;- draw a number of cards from the deck or select a card belonging to another player and ask them a question.
As a human Subject suspected of being an ALiEN you must try to answer your question correctly.

However, you will also assume the role of an interrogation Agent with the A.i.D.U.
In all, the cards feature over 300 different types of question and answer, after a quick look you will have to remember all the information on your drawn card(s) before placing them face-down in front of you. The more details you can remember the greater the chance of answering your question correctly.

Proceed to the 'ALIEN? FILES' page to download everything necessary to make the 'Are You An Alien?' game


‘Are You An Alien?’
is a tactical question and answer card game, but don’t panic, it’s NOT a trivia quiz!