Before you begin, some advice…


The finished game will appeal to players of all ages, but making the game does require some fairly complicated cutting, scoring and gluing. (So a young person should get someone old to help them, tell them it‘s educational…).

I’ll be honest, making the game will take some time, but probably not as long as you might think.
Simply download and print out the pages onto 33 sheets of A4 white card - 240gsm is ideal. Print the rules pages (fileFOUR) onto paper.
Follow the supplied guides (fileTHREE) to assemble all the components.
I’d recommend a craft knife and ruler rather than scissors, quicker and neater.
Score folds before bending, a bradawl used at a very shallow angle is perfect every time.

Note also that you can score a ‘block’ of pieces (Fire Markers, Helicopter Units, Survivor Markers) in one stroke before cutting apart.
‘Pritt Stick’ is ideal for securing the tabs.

The seven files below contain all the components and rules needed to print and play ‘Smash Monster Rampage!’
All seven files are in .PDF format.

To view and print these files you may need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

When complete 'Smash Monster Rampage!' has the following components;

ONE Playing Board

THIRTY High Rise Buildings

ONE Smash Monster playing pawn

ONE Monster Die (or Spinner, depending on your preference)

SIX Helicopter Units - 3 Green, 3 Orange

SIX Tank Units - 3 Green, 3 Orange

THIRTY TWO Monster Hit cards (printed on both sides)

SIXTEEN Survivor Markers - 8 Green, 8 Orange

FIFTEEN Fire Markers

ONE Illustrated 'Smash Monster Rampage!' Rules (Revised July 2012)

TWO Unit Tracker Sheets

You'll also need to find TWO regular six-sided dice


CONTENT;  16 Buildings, 12 Survivor Markers, 4 Fire Markers


CONTENT;  14  Buildings, 4 Survivor Markers, 11 Fire Markers


CONTENT;  Smash Monster, 12 Tank/Helicopter Units, Special Monster Die

There are four different ways to make the special ‘Monster Die’. I’d recommend the ‘soft’ option, it’s tricky to make but rolls nicely....


CONTENT;  Complete illustrated rules for ‘Smash Monster Rampage!’ (Revised July 2012)

You don’t need  to print the rules onto card, use paper....


CONTENT;  32 ‘Monster Hit’ cards

The indicated page should be printed twice.
The page of card ‘backs’ must be printed on the reverse of the other four.


CONTENT;  Playing Board (25MB file)


The eight sections join together to form the Game board. You’ll need to stick these down onto thick card or hardboard to make a firm playing surface. I used ‘artist canvas board’ which worked well.


CONTENT;  Two Unit Tracker sheets

Charts to help keep track of Reserve/Lost Units. Not totally essential but useful.