All images are from a prototype version of the game

Imagine you are visiting Cornwall, touring the county in your trusty campervan and equipped to take stunning photographs throughout the journey.

Discover many outstanding sights, including picturesque fishing villages and ancient castles, marvel at spectacular landscapes then pass dramatic coastlines to visit the amazing beaches and iconic attractions.
That’s ‘Viewfinder Cornwall’, an original and exciting family board game.

The complete game prototype, including dummy box design

Game board, components and instructions


The complete game prototype, including dummy box design


As well as being great fun to play, ‘Viewfinder Cornwall’ is also intended to be an engaging way to celebrate the history, landscape and culture of this wonderful region, one of the most captivating counties in the UK.

While enjoying the game experience players have the opportunity to learn about the 21 attractions featured on the game Map, each location has it’s own ‘Photo Card’, illustrated with striking images and informative text.

Find out about Cornwall - it’s myths, food, gardens, arts and beaches when you draw ‘Factfinder’ cards.

A lively game for all ages and a tribute to Cornwall’s enduring appeal, ‘Viewfinder Cornwall’ combines the thrill of competitive play with the wonder of new discovery.


Following our recent presentation 'VIEWFINDER CORNWALL' has been endorsed by 'Visit Cornwall', the Official Cornwall Tourist Board.


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