The ‘Smash Monster’ is a huge monster, taller than the highest skyscraper, and it’s attacking your city.
Mobilise your troops and exterminate the beast before every building becomes a heap of rubble.
The victorious task force will score more hits and rescue more survivors than their opponent.

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Players compete to rescue survivors and win the most ‘Monster Hit’ cards.The ‘Monster Die’ generates random actions for the Monster making the beast unpredictable and dangerous.
 It sets buildings ablaze, creates devastating quakes and destroys everything in its path.
Taking turns to move their Tank and/or Helicopter Units, players get into position to attack the Monster.
Win ‘Monster Hit’ cards by successfully firing at the Monster and fulfilling the conditions on the cards.
Act fast, if the city is flattened before the Monster is killed, the Monster wins!

Detail of game board with assembled buildings

Game board with buildings

Playing 'Smash Monster Rampage!' makes you happy

Detail of game board with assembled buildings


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