UltraBomb carrier, the U.X.B. Karaboo, was due to detonate it's cargo and ‘retire’ a small planet in the Horizon Sector.

It failed to arrive, current location unknown.

Intel has revealed that the ship was attacked and hijacked by an unknown criminal gang - one of six suspected Factions.

This Faction intends to fly the U.X.B. Karaboo to the Trade Rim and detonate the UltraBomb in orbit of the Centric Generator Planet, Nook.

This will cause a catastrophic chain reaction resulting in the end of our worlds.


The known universe is on the brink of destruction...


Game Overview

Space Blast is played in two stages, the SPACE PHASE then the RAID PHASE.

During the SPACE PHASE players compete to be the first to locate and board the U.X.B. KARABOO.

Moving their spaceship around the space map players will complete Assignments and make Discoveries to earn Experience Cards, use those cards to construct their RAID DECKS by acquiring Personnel, Equipment and Ship Upgrades.


In the RAID PHASE the game continues aboard the KARABOO.

Players use their RAID DECKS, constructed in the first phase, to defeat the guilty Faction, input the Emergency Bomb Deactivation Code and be first to deactivate the UltraBomb.

These images show early, 'work in progress', prototypes.

'Space Blast' - work in progress

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'Space Blast' - work in progress

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'Space Blast', early prototype personnel cards

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'Space Blast' - work in progress

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